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With a background in visual theatre and puppetry and with a fascination for public spaces my work focuses on touch. The physical empathy that object manipulation brings, the excitement of physical games and the absurdness of creating images and installations in public spaces.  Breathing life into inanimate objects, creating visual invitations to play and move and to connect story to image to space.

Nina van der Mark

Personal information:

Nationality: Dutch

Date of Birth: 10-06-1991



Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design, programme Scenography, Hogeschool voor de kunsten Utrecht

Bachelor of theatre and education, Hogeschool voor de kunsten Utrecht



2017 exhibition, studio of a scenographer, ITs Festival, Amsterdam

2017 exhibition, Cardboard Covers, Snorfabriek, Utrecht

2016 installation,Thousand Husbands, city centre, Utrecht

2016 installation,Holding Hands, city centre, Utrecht

2016 exhibition, Antonia, HKU, Utrecht

2015 installation, Is it Christmas yet?, city centre, Utrecht

2014 mural, Whale, iHTs, Aubenton

2013 installation, Hands, Figur teatret i Nordland, Lofoten

2013 exhibition Thuis, Lief Hertje en de Grote Witte Reus, Den Haag

2013 exhibition Soesterberg, Festival de Basis, Soest


2017 acting, Monsters and Monarchs: The ginger Shakespeare company, NL

2016 creating and acting, Zeemoed: Linde Baaijens, Utrecht

2015 acting, Turbo Mix-quiz: Rake Klappen, Utrecht

2015 creating and acting, Toen&Toen, touring schools, NL

2014-15 Creating and acting, Viswijf, Zimihc and Roomservice festival, NL

2014 Creating, De Neus, Roodnoot, Utrecht

2013 creating, acting and set design, Verdraaid de tijd, Kasteel Groeneveld, Baarn

2012 creating, Alles Alice, Nutrecht, Utrecht

2012 acting, Ondoormiddelijk: Felice van Leth, Utrecht

2011 creating and acting,Het apparaat: Capser Nieuwnhuizen & DOX, Utrecht

2011 acting, Tussen het bijzondere en algemene: Charlotte Poos, Utrecht

2010 creating and acting, Onopvallend aanwezig, Festival Mundial, Den Bosch


2015 workshop puppetry and object manipulation, Garage TDI, Assen

2015 workshop puppetry and object manipulation, PeerJonG, Drenthe

2015 workshop puppetry and object manipulation, Jeugdtheaterschool Rabarber, Den Haag

Set designs & puppets:

2017 creating set and puppets, Orion

2016 creating wooden bird and grandfather tree, Dobbel die in een bakfies woonde: Koffie&Kaas

2015 creating Beest, Toen&Toen, Garage TDI

2014 Bunraku puppetry carving, organised by Ulrika Quade


2016 MA thesis/research document on public art in the city

2016 workshop from Tim Etchells, Fringe, Utrecht

2015 Internship at figur teatret i Nordland, Norway

2014 directors assistant, In bed met Simone: Cat Smits & Puck van Dijk, Fringe festival

2014 bachelors thesis on visual theatre and communication