Based on the work of:


“back to the basic need for the workspace away from the projection of expectation”


FC Bergman

“ an emancipated community is in fact a community of storytellers and translators”


Jacques Ranciere

“Nitsche as well as Schechner aimed for the creation of community through collective action and experience”


Jacques Ranciere

Archiving human behaviour in the city


The work of Stan van Steendam

How to be happy in doing artistic research

Scenography in open space

The work of Theun Mosk

Theatres of space

The work of Maze de Boer

Reflecting on art in public space

Art and activism in the city

Visiting ateliers in Utrecht


Droog Event 2: Urban play Scott Burnham

World atlas of street art and graffiti Rafael Schacter

Dutch masters: streetart and urban painting

george perec species of spaces and other pieces

Ten thousand idiots, Nirav Christophe

Jacques Ranciere, The Emancipated Spectator

Cecile Brommer and Sonja van der Valk (eds.). In:  Domein voor Kunskritiek, 2008.

Jan Wolkers, or the woolly blanket. An introduction in which the author places de role of the theatre audience in a historical perspective and makes a plea for a ‘Wolkerian gaze’,

 Liesbeth Groot Nibbelink, translated by Wendy Lubberding.