Between Art and Reality

Graduation research document about art and the city why, who and how. The pro’s and con’s of creating in and for the city.

I sometimes imagine the city as a set for a play. People enter the stage, act and then disappear again behind it’s curtains of closed doors. The set keeps changing for new scenes as the city is an ongoing product of processes. Some organised and controlled, designed to express political ideologies and structure social and physical behaviour. Some shifting to our needs and everyday use. Some spaces change from moment to moment depending to weather, traffic and our need to stay, go or express ourselves. All depending on what we need a space to be, and the time we spend being there, the city changes it’s décor. It is a constant negotiation between people and space. Between organisation and disruptions, between design and use. But what is it that attracts artists to the city? And what are the conditions of working in the city? In this research I would like to lay out all the different aspects of artistic interventions in the city that I have encountered in my work and research. To try and describe the pro’s and con’s and sketch an image of the conditions and possibilities of working in the city. To discuss and research the difficulty of working in a space that questions the necessity of the work. And where public influence and changing circumstances alter your intentions.

“I always smile when I am sad”


The idea that through artistic intervention in the city you can create a sense of freedom, empathy and a longing for connection to the unknown drives me to keep on working in the city. I welcome the unpredictability and look forward to see how it will change my work. How the city will breathe life in to my work and connect to space and people. And I will keep on questioning what in the city can be freely used by us and how we want to design our identity trough the scenography of the city.