Mapping and titling the workspace/city.


Maps, an interview of the city.


  1. The magical space of no use and lost objects trying to make a meaning but always passed by.
  2. The playground of grown-up sandcastles.
  3. The never ending story of the worn down youth
  4. Come play with me.
  5. It is supposed to me a seagull.
  6. The many layered terrace building of mirrors.
  7. The man that is never there.
  8. The red repetition of power.
  9. Ask.
  10. Juicy Pablo.
  11. I live here to!
  12. The bleu cousin of red repetition.
  13. We live here to! But maybe not anymore.
  14. What do you want to see in your reflection?
  15. The secret caves of the boats men.
  16. The old trapped passway.
  17. De loze ruimte.
  18. You may pass but only now.
  19. The backside of the church and the astronomy tower.
  20. The prisons of religion or their back-yard.
  21. Is it fake?
  22. The brother of the man who is never there.
  23. Never mind.
  24. The hero of questions.
  25. You no longer live here go away.
  26. A different canvas.
  27. Maybe not so nice.
  28. A canvas?
  29. Welcome to Utrecht, please stay.
  30. Won’t you come inside and get lost.
  31. Help me.
  32. Please kill me.
  33. The auditorium.
  34. A social experiment.
  35. Dress me.
  36. Thinking out loud.
  37. Is this art or can we move it?
  38. The private performance.
  39. Hitler’s house.
  40. You are not allowed but we like you.