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"Design as concept, dynamic interventions takin over script and actor"


In conversation with Marc Warning

Art and activism 

John Kormeling

“theatricality evokes an uncanny sense that the given to be seen has the power both to position us and displace us”


Barbara Freedman

The work on memory by Marcel Duchamp.

Working with SCEN on the project WHAT DOES MATTER TO ME. 

Storytelling through objects.

Grayson Perry, Map of days

“rather then define theatre as an unchanging identifiable object in the real, we might rethink it as a culturally conditioned mode of staging the construction of the real.


Barbara Freedman, Staging the gaze.

Scott McLoud, understanding comics


Hourly comics, archiving daily work.


Death of the author, Roland Barthes

Collaborative authorship in the arts, Rachel Lehrman

The problem of the idea of the author in live performance or

Why writing is not a useful metaphor for authorship in live performance

Jesse Schwenk

Multiple authorship, Boris groys

Against interpretation, Susan Sontag